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Office 2019 Webinar and Q&As by Corinne Hoisington

Exciting News - Office 2019 has rolled out fully! Watch my recorded webinar at this link to see the new features!


Please read my responses to the Q&A that were asked after the webinar and of course let me know if you have more questions:

1. Will the free online version of Office 365 be sufficient for students to complete projects in SAM and MindTap?

To fully complete projects in SAM and MindTap students will need to use an installed version of Office 365 or 2019.

2. We have Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016 on our lab computers.  Is that the "perpetual" version?

Yes, year numbered copies of Office  such as 2016 and 2019 are considered perpetual, which means they only get quality and security updates and do not move forward. Schools typically have students download Office 365 to their home computers which updates monthly. Office 365 can be blocked for 18 months, or on a summer basis so that student computers are not constantly updating.

3. My Cengage Rep said that the textbook version in MindTap would update as Office updates -- that the textbook becomes dynamic. Is that true?

The Cengage plan for the Office series is to update MindTap each summer to be reflective of the updates so the resources would stay dynamic.

4. The new Draw feature is really cool. Now profs can draw on students’ papers (like circle a confusing area of the writing). Does Corinne have any thoughts on this tool?

Love this question! Yes I think the Drawing tools and a stylus are the answer to grading papers (but I still will use SAM to grade as much as possible to provide instant feedback). You can mark-up papers, circle, highlight, and visually show your feedback without paper.

5. How is Office and Cengage responding Accessibility Requirements?

Well Microsoft Office really has upped their accessibility with this new version. Please see:

Cengage MindTap has many features such as closed captioning on all videos, ReadSpeak app functionality within MindTap, and many more (open this link).

6. Will there be projects in SAM that take advantage of these new features? If so, when?

SAM 2019/365 will be available to try the new features in March of 2019. 

7. Have there been any steps in SAM 2016 projects that can't be completed in Office 2019/365?

Microsoft has not removed any features (in some cases streamlined an advanced feature such as Review features for authoring). Office 2019/365 has added over 100 new features in the core applications and many more to apps such as Microsoft Teams, Yammer, Sway, and Power BI.

8. Also, if students turn the updates off for 365, it should stay "true" to the Office 2016 build (not the same as the original build, but it shouldn't update to 2019, correct?

If students turn off updates right now, they can block updates for 18 months. The updating should really be turned off at the school IT level so that anyone connected to your Office 365 tenant could be on the 'same' version.

9. Will MACs now be able to have Access on them?

Only PCs

10. Where is the new Geography Data Type in Excel info sourced from? I assume not Wikipedia Smiley Wink

The data comes from a variety of sources that includes

11. That AI in Excel was very cool.  How do you find that again? I’m in Excel now but can’t find it.

The Excel Ideas can be found on the Home tab (called Ideas). Ideas is a new service that automatically highlights patterns it detects in your data, helping you discover and analyze new insights such as trends, outliers, and other useful analyses and visualizations. It will look for interesting trends in your data and provide quick summaries with PivotTables and charts. Because this feature is powered by machine learning, it will provide increasingly advanced analysis as usage grows. 

12. So let me clarify, it's a bit fuzzy to me...  Is this correct? :  There will be 3 different ways to use Microsoft Office... 1) You buy Office 2019 and install it on your computer. It is stagnant, cannot be updated with new features. But it has all, full, current features as of the date you buy it. Or, 2) You buy Office 365 which means you DO NOT install anything on your computer, but instead you use Office 365 via the Cloud only. You pay a monthly fee and it updates monthly with new features or whatever Microsoft wants to push out. Or, 3) You go online and use Office Online for free, but with limited features.

#1 is correct. But #2 let me assist. Office 365 is FULLY INSTALLED, FULL VERSIONS of Office that is purchased by your school by subscription. #3 is correct.

13. Is Publisher going away?


14. Is Access available on the $189 Windows PC?

Yes, this is in reference to the Lenova 100e.

15. When will New Perspectives 2019 updates be available?

We will have all the Office product versions available in MindTap to preview the introductory material in March 2019.

16. Will the mobile apps better emulate the desktop apps in terms of features (e.g., Will Outlook mobile better mimic the tasks features available in the desktop app?)

Microsoft has made some efforts to add features to mobile, but they want to keep the applications mobile friendly and simple.

17. Does Publisher work on a Mac?


18. If a student completes a SAM Project using Office 365 (latest version) and we are using SAM 2016, will SAM grading still work?  What are known issues?

No issues at this time. I would still have your college block updates until next summer.