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New Features in Windows 10



With Windows 10 now officially replacing Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, here are a few of the big changes to the new Operating System .


Refreshed User Interface

Windows 10’s flat and modern interface has been refreshed so that it works for both touchscreens, and computers with the traditional keyboard and mouse. Full screen apps can now be easily windowed on the desktop, and there are new ways to arrange and manage multiple windows for easier multitasking.


New Start Menu

The Start Menu is back, and replaces the full screen Start screen that was featured in Windows 8. Users can quickly access recently used apps, the file explorer, and power controls. The Start Menu’s blend of the old and new rectifies one of the biggest complaints that users had with Windows 8.


New Apps (Mail, Calendar, Photos, Maps)

The core apps have been given an overhaul, with the Mail and Calendar apps borrowing ideas and design from Microsoft Outlook. The Photos app has a new interface and a plugin to OneDrive so images and videos can be backed up from users’ phones. The Maps app also has a new interface, and maps can integrate with Cortana.


Action Center

The Action Center acts as a notification panel, organizing notifications by app and providing quick access to commonly used settings. Its appearance can be customized and it displays app notifications. The Action Center is accessed by swiping in from the right on the screen or trackpad, or by clicking the icon in the task bar.



Windows 10 features a new, clean lock screen. Computers with supporting hardware can use the Hello feature to log in without entering a password. Hello uses image recognition login system and lets users log into Windows 10 using their faces or their fingers.

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