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Missing the Prerequisite

[Reading Time - 1 minute 17 seconds] A "prerequisite" is a required prior condition. In college, a lower-level course is often a prerequisite for a higher-level course. That's because it's important for a student to learn the basics before moving on to the advanced concepts.


We can also think of prerequisites in other areas of life, too. If I'm flying on an airplane, I would want the person flying the plane to have a prerequisite of a pilot's license. If I'm having brain surgery, I would want the person in the operating room to have the prerequisite of a doctor's license. And there are many other examples of prerequisites as well.


So, you would think that a high-ranking government official in charge of cybersecurity for an entire nation would have a prerequisite of at least a fundamental knowledge of technology and the risks associated with security today. Evidently not everyone got that memo. In a shocking revelation, the Japanese minister in charge of cybersecurity for the nation of Japan has admitting that he has never used a computer in his professional life. Yoshitaka Sakurada, 68, is the deputy chief of the Japanese government’s cybersecurity strategy office. In the Japanese parliament last week (Nov 14 2018) Sakurada admitted that for the last 43 years he has shunned using computers. As a business man he said that he simply relied on his employees and secretaries so he didn't need to bother with technology.


When another lawmaker expressed astonishment that a deputy chief of the cybersecurity strategy office has never used a computer, Sakurada reportedly said, “It’s a matter that should be dealt with by the government as a whole. I am confident that I am not at fault.” So, the deputy chief of the Japanese government’s cybersecurity strategy office has not touched a computer since 1975. But look on the bright side. He won't have to worry about attackers breaking into his computer to steal anything.