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Maybe You Need a Few More

I had a good laugh when I read this from a student today, so I'll pass it on.


In an assignment this past week I asked students to test the strength of three of their passwords using three different password strength analyzers. Here is what one student said:


I am definitely guilty of using the same password for all of my accounts; it was even difficult to find three different passwords to use!



Thank you for passing this along. This is funny. 😂

Mark: do you have any recommendations on a good password strength analyzer? I definitely would like to try this out.  I found this one which is created by the Dashlane password manager creators and this one called the Password Meter. Do these tools look okay to use for this exercise?


   Here are the three password strength analyzer tools that were part of this assignment, in order of good to bad:

1. The Password Meter (
2. Password Checker Online (
3. How Secure Is My Password (


   One of the goals of this exercise was to expose students to the wide range of responses that these sites gives: a weak password on one site is a strong password on another site.  The online password strength analyzers do not explain how they are determining their ratings and all are different, which leads to more confusion. 


   My personal favorite is the "The Password Meter" that you have already noted.  I like it because you can configure it instead of just accepting what the site may tell you.



Amazing that one site could tell you that your pasword is strong while another tells you it's weak. Here's an idea: have students use a coupld of their passwords on one of these sites and then have 1Password or some other password manager generate a password for them and then enter that password into these sites and see what it says about it. In case students don't use a password manager - is there a site that will generate good passwords?


(After a quick search): of course there is! I found this one that looks legit.