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Draw Tab in Office 2019

Whether you are taking notes as a student in class or an instructor inking (grading) a student's assignment with a stylus and touch screen, Office 2019 will quickly turn your thoughts into action.  Office 2019 and Office 365 make pen and ink a primary input across most of the Office apps with the full implementation of the Draw tab. While inking has been possible since Office 2007, the new Draw tab makes inking tools easy to find on mobile devices, tablets, and full size computers. For example, let's take a look at the Draw tab in action on the iPad:ipad.png


And you can do more than annotate! Be amazed by the new Ink to Shape tool in the Draw tab. In the new Office, PowerPoint, Excel, Word, and Visio let you convert your ink drawings to standard shapes with the tap of a button. You can quickly draw flow charts and diagrams, combining the ease of drawn shapes with the uniformity of Office graphics. Pretty swift!


And the new color palette of these pens includes effects from rainbow to sparkles (ok not heavy lifting computing here, but what's a day without some glitter moments).colors.PNG

Take a look at the Draw tab in action: