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Best Kept Secret of PowerPoint 2019


Psssst! Before I can tell you my deepest secret of my favorite new feature in PowerPoint 2019 coming out this Fall, I must have your earnest promise that you will share this with every instructor, professor, and student all over the planet! OK, I saw your lips solemnly say “I Promise”.  So let me set this up! Imagine that you have to present on the topic of "Virtual Reality" in 10 minutes (ummm, surprise). Nothing prepared? Well let's try this:


1. Open PowerPoint 2019 or 365

2. Click New and then select QuickStarter.

3. On the QuickStarter dialog box, type Virtual Reality or any topic



So what is QuickStarter? QuickStarter is a new intelligent service in PowerPoint 2019 that lets you go from a blank slide deck to a great, working outline in seconds. Just enter your topic and QuickStarter automatically pulls in recommended sections, relevant content and suggested images tagged with Creative Commons licenses into an excellent, customizable slide deck. PowerPoint QuickStarter builds an outline to help you get started researching a subject of your choosing with listed sources as documentation. So what happened when we typed in "Virtual Reality". You better sit down for this. So impressive. 



Magic! Eleven slides with  a new set of styles that give your slides a more holistic and striking visual aesthetic with images and relevant topical information such as:


  • Etymology and terminology
  • Technology
  • History
  • Applications
  • In fiction and popular culture
  • Concerns and challenges

Now if you feel a tad "Deja vu", then you must be adept at another Microsoft app, Sway. Yes both PowerPoint and Sway now have similar QuickStarter features! Office 2019 rocks!


And by the way, remember your promise with my secret!




Oh, funky monkey!! Robot surprised


That is super cool!  If you had a class of 30 students creating a .ppt on the same topic, it would be really interesting to see how the students final presentations varied.  That could be a very interesting assignment and also teach a valuable lesson.