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Becoming Virtually Unlimited
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I think Cengage Unlimited is a major game changer in several ways:



  1. First it’s a game changer for students because for less than $120.00 they gain access to a wide range of books and materials to help them be successful in their field of study.
  2. Next it's a game changer for teachers because it allows them to construct courses using a variety of titles without the need to limit their course to a single affordable book.
  3. Last but not least, it's also a game changer for authors because Cengage Unlimited opens new markets providing many writing opportunities. I have been an author with Cengage for over 25 years and have witnessed many changes in the publishing world as well as the IT field. Change is often necessary for growth, and I think Cengage Unlimited will offer many growth possibilities for the future.

In this article I want to show how Cengage Unlimited can be a game changer for teachers who would like to enhance Virtualization training in their existing curriculums. Of course, one of the questions you may ask is why schools may want to include more virtualization training. That is a good question which I hope this article, along with my previous blog postings, can help answer.


First, as I have discussed in previous articles, Virtualization along with Hyperconvergence are the backbone of Cloud computing and Software Defined Data Centers (SDDC). In my last blog posting I described how VMware and Microsoft Virtualization certification requirements have changed toward the SDDC and Cloud environments. The reason for this is industry demand for IT to be more flexible and responsive. Today companies need IT personal who understand how to use hyperconvergence to create and manage SDDCs and Cloud environments.


 In addition to the vender-based certifications from Microsoft and VMware, the vender independent organization, CompTIA, has also recognized for the need for Cloud based certification and has recently deployed a new version of their Cloud+ certification. The following figure from CompTIA’s Web site shows the companies and job descriptions that utilize Cloud+ certification:


It is important to realize that all the new SDDC and Cloud based certifications are advanced and require students to have a solid background in Virtualization concepts as well as experience using popular products. This is where the modules from our new Hands-on Virtual Computing book can be used to enhance virtualization training in existing curriculums. The following figure shows how our book modules map to the pre-requests of CompTIA’s new Cloud+ certification.



For example, assume you want to offer a Cloud+ certification class and need to provide a means for students to meet the prerequisites for this course. One way to do this is to use Cengage’s MindTap to include modules from our Hands-on Virtual Computing book that cover these prerequisites.  The on-line labs included in our MindTap modules will allow students to perform activities and gain experience without the instructor having to perform any special lab setup or acquire any additional equipment/software.


Using Cengage Unlimited these modules can be offered within existing courses, or offered as a separate course, with no additional material costs for the students. I have included a short video that demonstrates this process by performing the following three steps:

  1. Use MindTap to create a course that contains selected modules from our new Hands-on Virtual Computing book.
  2. Email the course link to your students.
  3. Have students access the Virtualization course modules using their Cengage Unlimited student access code.


If you have questions or need more information, please contact your Cengage Sales Rep or email me at


Thanks for tuning in and may your future be Unlimited….