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How I Used Techniques and Technology to Raise Success Levels in a Large Lecture Class
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Cengage faculty partner for Economics Dr. Stephanie Thomas of Cornell University sat down with us to talk about how she has used techniques and technology in her classes to increase student engagement. In the past few years, homework scores, exam scores, and overall student engagement increased dramatically in her course. 


The big question is, “How do you engage a class of more than 450 students with varying academic backgrounds and vastly different interests in the subject?” Dr. Thomas says, “I approach this question from the following perspective: students come to class on the first day because they have to come. They come to class the rest of the semester because they want to come.”


Tune in to hear how Dr. Thomas accomplished this success in her course.



1 Comment
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Wow! 450 students. Having said this I like the podcast idea--whether it's made by me or a colleague...