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Time to Revive Handwriting

The skill of writing in cursive has lost its appeal in the digital age, but researchers say taking notes by hand improves recall and information processing. Studies demonstrate that notetaking while typing on a digital device results in a frantic attempt to copy every word said. However, jotting down notes by hand requires sifting through what is heard to capture only main ideas and salient examples. This sifting requires critical thinking and focus that do not occur when we are typing.


There is a happy medium: taking notes using a pen-friendly device. The following tools can be used to jot down notes on a digital screen:


  • iPad Pro or recent iPads with an Apple pencil
  • Apple’s Notes app
  • GoodNotes app
  • Ink-friendly PCs using OneNote and Microsoft’s SurfacePen
  • Sony’s Digital Paper with a stylus
  • Moleskine’s Smart Writing set


From The Wall Street Journal