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Millennials Take a Gloomy View of Business

In its seventh annual survey of millennials, Deloitte’s research unearthed the generation’s dimming view about the nature of work, politics, and the future of industry. Specifically, the survey found that millennials:


  • think business ethics are declining as a result of the disconnect between what millennials believe responsible businesses should do and what businesses think they should do
  • feel unprepared for the advent of the evolving workplace and consequently appreciate and prefer organizations that train and support employees in anticipation of these changes
  • view the gig economy as a good way to supplement or replace traditional jobs
  • value good pay, positive workplace cultures, diversity, and flexibility on the job
  • consider positive workplace factors key to their loyalty.

The report states: “The message is clear. Young workers are eager for business leaders to be proactive about making a positive impact in society—and to be responsive to employees’ needs.”


From Deloitte