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Growing Stigma over Phone Rudeness

With people checking their smartphones on average every twelve minutes, it’s no wonder the phenomenon has acquired its own word: phubbing, the practice of ignoring others and focusing on a digital device. However, a backlash has begun. To curb our collective rudeness, new tools are being developed to remind us to pay attention to people instead of phones.


Apple has created several apps that work to limit time spent on its iPhones and iPads by warning users when they reach a predetermined limit. One app even locks the phone after a period of time. Likewise, Google has issued an app that alerts users to stop binging on YouTube and another offering the option to receive a single daily summary of notifications.


Enterprises, too, have joined this growing movement to discourage overuse of phones. Some restaurants have instituted phone-free days for their diners, while an increasing number of schools are requiring students to place their phones in holders as they enter a classroom.


As society continues to adapt to this relatively new technology, experts say more controls will emerge.


From The Telegraph