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Hey Cengage, Listen Up!

Our countdown to the Cengage Computing Experience (CCE) event in Minneapolis tomorrow promises to be a great event. I'll look forward to meeting everyone. And I'm sure that we will hear just a ton of information and new ideas that we can take back to our classrooms.


But since we'll be hearing so much on Friday, let's take a quick trip to the flip side for a moment.


What would you like to say to Cengage? What does it need to be doing to help you be an even better teacher than you are? What potholes do they need to patch, what curves do they need to straighten out, what hills do they need to level? How can Cengage do a better job of making you a better teacher?


Post your thoughts and we'll have a discussion today on what we would say to Cengage.

Mark Ciampa
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Re: Hey Cengage, Listen Up!

I LOVE this! We are listening!

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Re: Hey Cengage, Listen Up!

Hi @Mark_Ciampa and All,


I agree with @MicheleMcTighe!  We are listening.  Please let us know how we can help you to better facilitate learning and the experience!



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Re: Hey Cengage, Listen Up!

I am MindTap® Computing, 1 term (6 months) Printed Access Card for The Shelly Cashman Series® Collection, 1st Edition. 


Will there be a way to add a OneNote chapter(s)? I did not see it on the list of choices.


Will there be a chapter on OneDrive beyond the little bit in the "File Management" chapter? 


Thank you,



Frequent Commenter
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Re: Hey Cengage, Listen Up!


The SC and Illustrated books both include in the first chapter an Overview of OneNote 2016 and a collection of Sway videos that are found in the instructor's resources:



Yes there is a new Collection module on OneDrive available in July.


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Re: Hey Cengage, Listen Up!

We are listening! :-) 


There are 2 modules covering OneNote already in the Shelly Cashman Collection. They are highlighted in the learning path above. In July, we will be adding 10 new modules to the Collection including brand new modules on OneNote Online and OneDrive. The others include Intro to Office Online, Collaborating Online, and Microsoft's Mobile Apps. We would love to build more OneNote content, but need to see instructors use what we have. Your feedback is valuable, so if there's something you would add to or change in the currently available content, let us know! More tangible examples of what you want would be incredibly helpful! 


I hopd this helps. Let us know either way. Smiley Happy 


OneNote in MindTap.PNG