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Yes, You Must Answer E-mails

It’s digital snobbery to leave e-mails unanswered, just like not meeting the eyes of an acquaintance when seeing him in a hall, says organizational psychologist Dr. Adam Grant.


Grant, writing in The New York Times, says ignoring messages is code for “this e-mail isn’t important to me now.” Research is showing that managers slow to deal with e-mails are less effective because they are perceived as lacking conscientiousness.


Some caveats apply. Recipients of e-mails from strangers asking favors should not feel compelled to respond, Grant says. Nor should employees feel they must answer e-mails after work hours or weekends.


Still, says Grant, ignoring e-mails entirely is a big no-no. Doing so shows you’re disorganized or worse, don’t care.


From The New York Times