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Tired of Viewing All Those PowerPoints Every Term?
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Some of the most important writing our Business Communication students will do in the work place is crafting engaging and informative presentations.  If your final assignment of the semester involves a presentation component, consider adding Sway, Microsoft’s multi-platform app, to the list of tools for students to consider.  Easier to use than Prezi and more powerful than Canva, Sway allows users to bring together various types of media for highly interactive presentations.  With its different navigation and layout options, it works well with both image-heavy content (like portfolios) and text-heavy content (like reports). Read more about the differences between PowerPoint and Sway here.


For the Crisis Communication assignment I discussed in my last post, for example, we could look at Fisher-Price’s Rock and Play Sleeper, which has been recalled because of its links to 32 infant deaths.  Quick searches on some popular sites (Google News, YouTube, Quora, and Twitter, for example) reveal information about the recall and Fisher Price’s early response.  Sway allows students to capture this information in its various forms easily to create a foundation for a more polished presentation.  Check out this quick demo (use the arrows in the bottom right to navigate).  





This tutorial can help you show them how interactive and engaging presentations can truly be.





Instructors, please share your thoughts!  Have your students tried Sway?  What other tools have you found effective for student presentations? 


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