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The Power of the Portfolio
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One way to get your business writing/communication students to reflect actively on the work they’ve produced in your course (as well as in other classes and professional settings) is to assign a portfolio.  This allows students to tell a story about themselves as professional communicators and can be adapted to a variety of purposes and audiences.  For example, it can be approached as tool for showcasing work to potential employers or a collection that serious writers may want to revisit and continue to revise beyond the scope of your course.


Here’s one student’s perspective on the value of the portfolio: 


… keeping a portfolio helps you reflect about (your) ‘professional brand’ … in other words, it can be a tool for self-reflection.  In that sense it is not used to simply ‘show off.’  Thinking about and looking back at what you have done and are doing helps define your interests and come up with new goals that are aligned with your learning path/life (Wabisabi Learning).

When introducing the assignment, it can be helpful to discuss (and view samples of) the various forms portfolios can take and their respective advantages and disadvantages:




Through Cengage’s MindTap, students now have access to Pathbrite for life.  Learn more about this online portfolio tool here: 



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