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Super Skills Needed for Changing Job Landscape

The workplace is evolving as technology, the economy, and politics impact businesses. To be relevant in the future, job searchers should hone these five skills, according to the non-profit think tank Institute of the Future.


  1. Digital competence. Artificial intelligence will help make humans more efficient; therefore, learning to use new digital tools will be considered a crucial skill.
  2. Adaptability. Being able to change in the complex and fast-moving world will make an employee more valuable. Flexibility sometimes means stepping down to learn a new skill before moving back up again. This type of adaptability is predicted to be another important skill.
  3. Resilience. Overcoming obstacles is important to organizations; hence, employees who can surmount setbacks, problems, and negativity help their organizations transform problems into opportunities.
  4. Personal branding. Standing out and building a reputation with a following will be essential. That means creating a “reputational portfolio,” which showcases a polished social media presence so that employers can readily grasp how a person’s skills and goals will fit with a corporate culture.
  5. Networking. Building a “personal tribe” has become an integral way for job seekers to move from position to position. Dedicating the time to building a network will continue to be the single best way to hear about openings.