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Spring is Here!: Keeping Students Engaged
Frequent Commenter

It’s that point in the semester where we as instructors might be feeling a second or third wind – after all, the end is in sight!  In the madness of collaborative projects, presentations, and/or exam prep, both instructors and students often feel rushed, making it hard to reflect on the course as a whole. 


For the first time this fall, I ended my Business & Professional Writing course with an opportunity for students to reflect formally.  I called it a Professional Communication Development Plan and asked students to assess their own progress in developing key workplace communication skills.  I was thrilled with the level of engagement the students showed in the assignment and the insights they shared. 


About active listening and note taking, one student wrote: “One goal is to make sure I take notes when I am in professional situations with both leaders and colleagues.  I believe this not only shows respect, but also helps me retain information and access it later.  I noticed this trait in many of my colleagues when I worked at (Company Name). In team meetings, those who were the most prepared to share ideas came with detailed notes and continued to add to them throughout the discussion.  This inspired me, and I am excited to work on sustaining this kind of focus as I begin my career.”


Click the link below to download the assignment description to try it in your class.