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New Grads Seek More than Salary

Although 2019 college graduates are earning only slightly more than their 2018 counterparts (and 20% more than those graduating in 2009), they’re not displeased about their pay. Why? Because they want something from a job that money just can’t buy—purpose.


Millennials and Gen Z want to make a difference as much as make a living, so an employer’s culture and the opportunity to grow and learn can supersede salary demands, says a college recruiter from Korn Ferry, a management consultant firm that conducted an analysis of 300,000 entry-level jobs.


Ally Van Duren of Korn Ferry says younger workers prefer a workplace that fosters collaboration with peers across various segments of an organization. She also says that many believe employers should provide them with special training and mentoring on the job.


For the younger generations entering or already in the workforce and who prefer to enjoy the people they work with and the work itself, salary is simply secondary.


From The Wall Street Journal