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Employers Say College Degree Is Key

A college degree is essential, according to new research published by the Association of American Colleges & Universities. The findings from the report come from an examination of two surveys, one of business leaders and one of hiring managers, with a thousand respondents combined.


Specifically, the report notes that 82 percent of executives and 75 percent of hiring managers consider a college education “important” or “essential.” Nearly 90 percent believe a college degree is worth the time and money spent to earn it.


The results also indicate that business leaders have more confidence in American colleges and universities than the American public, and that any degree produces a “well-rounded individual … prepared to interact with high-level employees.”


Communication skills top hirers most desired qualities in employees, with 80 percent of executives and 90 percent of hiring managers calling oral communication their number one priority, and written communication coming in as the third highest important skill for recent grads.