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Employers Are Texting Potential Hires

Many employers are turning to text messaging as a way to communicate with job seekers—and to lower recruiting costs and grab younger workers’ attention as jobs go unfilled in the tight labor market.


The use of text messaging usually occurs early in the hiring process as a way to arrange interviews, ask initial screening questions, and connect with past applicants.


New recruiting texting apps are being marketed to large staffing firms and even Fortune 500 companies. These tools use “conversational,” artificially-produced questions to text with applicants about qualifications and availability.


Texting in lieu of calling for initial screenings has several benefits. Candidates are more likely to respond to a text message than an e-mail, resulting in a better response from job seekers who might avoid job-board e-mail listings. The inherent back-and-forth of texting can also speed up the initial job screening process while encouraging Gen Z and millennial candidates to participate in a familiar, low stress environment.


Here's a demo of how one of these text-recruiting apps works: