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Be More Savvy about Online Privacy

Research from the Society for Human Resource Management indicates that nearly half of all organizations use social media or online searches to screen candidates as well as to check up on current employees. What’s more, those searches lead to negative consequences all too often.


These five social media privacy suggestions can help workers and job seekers alike display themselves at their best.


  1. Educate yourself about an employer’s privacy policies. The onus is on potential and current employees to learn about a company’s policies.
  2. Omit coworkers and superiors on private social media. Create a professional social media account; save personal accounts for trusted friends only.
  3. Assume all internet activity on public wi-fi is hackable. Take measures to ensure privacy. Avoid “free” VPN or PPTP protocol.
  4. Remove questionable material posted in the past. Employers don’t care if it happened two minutes or two years ago—they don’t want to see employees in compromising situations.
  5. Pay attention to privacy settings.Always adjust default settings to reveal only information appropriate for the world to see.