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what is difference between folder and unit? I want to create a unit made of several chapters, what is the best way to proceed?



David C Howell,Fundamental Statistics For The Behaviorial Sciences  9th Edition

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Re: what is difference between folder and unit? I want to...

I was wondering about this distinction myself recently. I wanted to put together some resources on the topic of eportfolio (audio bites, a slideshare presentation, etc.) and I wondered whether a folder or a unit was the way to go. I decided on a folder because I didn't plan on putting any specific class readings or quizzes into this collection.It's just going to be there for students to access if/when they wanted to.  I guess I think of a "unit' as consisting of readings and some kind of assessment.


But: in the end it looks like this decision is up to you because both operate in essentially the same way. @Sandy_Keeter @Jenny_Billings