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mindtap outside of LMS?

Can I set up a Moodle Course OUTSIDE of MindTap (not integrated), but still access videos, activities in MindTap.  I'd like to retain control in Moodle.


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Yes, you absolutely can! I use moodle for announcements, but I have the students set up a separate log in to MindTap.


In addition, by having a separate login to MindTap, you can actually use the MindTap gradebook to calculate their grades instead of Moodle. The MindTap gradebook is a great feature that is underappreciated and underutilized. You can weight grades, drop lowest grades per category, include non-Mindtap activities in the calculated grade score. It's really superior to anything provided by Moodle! I have my students submit some document assignments and discussion boards on Moodle, but I disable the gradebook feature there and tell them to look at the MindTap progress app to see how they are doing in the course. This also saves me a ton of time at the end of the semester when calculating final grades.