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issue with Late Submission in MindTap

I started using the "late submission" feature in MindTap in the spring semester; it's a brand new gradebook feature.  My assignments are due on a given date, but now MindTap allows us to set up a late submission period during which students may still submit assignments and determine a penalty for late submissions.


This worked great in the spring semester and in a four-week session that started in May.  It worked for the first few assignment in the session that just started in June, but starting with Chapter 3, students who had begun working prior to the due date couldn't get back in during the late submission period.  I thought maybe it was just a fluke, but it happened with Chapter 4, too.  


I already created a tech support ticket but was wondering if anyone else has used this feature. If so, is it working correctly?  Thanks, all!

That's very helpful, Greg! Did tech support find any fix? I'll share the workaround, but I'm pretty sure Cengage doesn't want new users to immediately run into trouble like this. I'm hoping there are lots of new users coming on board with Cengage Unlimited, too!
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Re: issue with Late Submission in MindTap

I have experienced something like this.  The issue was a bit vexing because it did not occurr for isolated students.  The problem seemed to occur mostly near the changeover time between on time and late submission especially if the student remained logged in during this change over.  I too reported the issue, but also discovered a work-around.  Students reported they could proceed as expected if they logged out of the course MindTap site, cleared the cache in their browser, and logged back into the course MindTap site.

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Re: issue with "Late submission" in MindTap

Thank you for posting about this, @Amy_Myers and for the work around option @Greg_Gellene. I am glad this option is available, but I can see the frustration from the students' side if they stay logged in. I will remember to share this unless there's a fall update from Cengage that would correct the issue.


Thanks again!