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how do my students access the textbook? do they need a code

ISBN-13: 978-1-285-42733-1

ISBN-10: 1-285-42733-5

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Re: how do my students access the textbook? do they need...

There are a number of ways a student can access the textbook given the course setup. For example, if there is a HW platform you are using (like MindTap, Aplia, etc.) students will need an access code to use them and they can use the ebook which is usually included. Alternatively, if they sign up for Cengage Unlimited, they have access to all e-books and can obtain physical (hard) copies by just paying the S & H charges. Another option is that if your Cengage product is integrated with your LMS, they may be able to access the ebook directly from that link.


Hope this helps.