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how do i open test banks in examview

Practical Math Applications 3E. I just want to utilize the test banks to create end of chapter tests for my students. We've just completed chapters 1 & 2 and I need an exam for each of the chapters going forward. I cannot open the test banks with a .bnk extension.

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Re: how do i open test banks in examview

In order to open a BNK file in ExamView you must be using the Question Bank Editor module in ExamView. You can identify which module you are using by looking at the active module name displayed in the title bar of the ExamView window. To switch to the Question Bank Editor module, select File → Switch to Question Bank Editor.


Does this help?  Where did you get the bnk files from?


You might also consider building exams with Cognero, if Examview doesn't work for you: