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graphics appear as text in MindTap eBok


I have a student who provided a screenshot complaining that where the book indicates a graphic, his book is displaying only text. For example, New Perspectives Excel Module 4, section EX 4-1Session 4.1 Visual Overview: Chart Elements. 


My book shows a nice graphic. His screenshot that he sent me reads:

"The session 4.1 Visual Opener. An Excel workbook title "NP_EX_4_Sunrise.xlsx" is open in the Excel window. Four charts appear in the worksheet....


Is this a browser problem? He says he tried Chrome, Firefox and Edge

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Re: graphics appear as text in MindTap eBok

I believe there have been a few issues with some students not seeing images but only ALT TEXT.  My students filled out tech support tickets and now have it resolved.  It had to do with slow loading and behind the scenes "rights".  Hopefully your students will have this resolved soon!!