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copying a mindtap assignment

How do I copy a Mindtap assignment from 1 section to another section.   I do not want to copy the entire course...just a single assignment.

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Re: copying a mindtap assignment

Hello, @carin_laws,


Welcome to The Community! As you've seen, there are lots of people here who want to help.


Regarding individual assignment copying, you were given a lot of "no" answers . . . but I'll give you a "yes" answer.  :-)  There is a way to do this, but that depends on the assignment. Can you share a little more about what type of assignment you wish to copy? For instance, assignment directions in dropboxes can be copied and pasted into a new assignment dropbox. The same is true of any assignment "descriptions" that you place in boxes in MindTap stand-alone. Also, if you use InSite2, you have the ability to import rubrics, grademark sets, and peermark question sets from one section to another without recreating anything.


The Cengage Learning Digital Success Specialist assigned to your school may also be able to help with individual copying of content from one section to another, so it's worth an outreach.


Let us know if we can help, and if you would like to share a fuller description or a screenshot as well, that might help us troubleshoot with you on the exact assignment with which you are working.  :-)