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can i have one blackboard site for two sections that will access webassign

I am teaching two sections of the same class.  I want to set up one blaceboard site, but the students will access different webassign courses, based on their section number.  How do i do that

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Re: can i have one blackboard site for two sections that...

My information is that this is not possible since there is no way in Bb Assignments to make a distinction of which students can view/work on them. Even if your campus Bb Admin populates the course with both sections of students they become one "class" to Bb. There may be a workaround or some kludge way of applying a logical condition on access to an assignment but it would probably be unwieldy. I could see adding the textbook to the course twice, creating the assignments by section to match a book, then have the students manually choose the proper ones. Not much better than just adding them all from one book and asking them to do the same thing!? The other way to assign students to a specific set of work is using Groups. You could assign each student their own Group Code, then direct the Assignments to the Group. I am not sure this works and the Grade-Book would be a nightmare...!?


Suggest you try Bb Faculty support at or you local rep.


Assignment Help at:


If you are using Ultra it's at:


Good luck, if you find some Kool way to do it let us know.