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What welcome images or tactics are you using in your online courses this Fall?



Welcome week is always a challenge between covering course mechanics and content.  I'm curious what images or tactics are you using to engage students?  This semester I'm using converse shoes - what about you?




Thanks in advance.



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I'm not a fan of traditional "Getting to Know You" posts or discussion boards. Recently, I have asked students to find their anthem or 1 song to introduce themselves to the class. That has been a lot of fun and has introduced me and my students to new tunes.


They post the link of the song which can be just audio or a YouTube video. They then have to explain why they chose that song and what it says about them.

Faculty Partner Audrey_Wick
Faculty Partner
on ‎08-10-2017 06:42 PM
That's a super fun idea, Jenny! I love that [and may have to steal it for my students' use . . . ]

I do like posting quirky videos on my course homepage on in an "announcements" section to set my class apart from others--and to remind students they are in an English course. So I may post a funny grammar video, a clever meme, a quick author interview with someone we are reading that week . . . I try to keep things current and interesting to show them how much writing matters.

--Audrey Wick
Faculty Partner Jenny_Billings
Faculty Partner
on ‎08-10-2017 09:08 PM
Hey Audrey! Glad you like and yes, feel free. Super fun and I've made CDs from each class (I listen to clips of the songs, know if I like them almost instantly, and then star them in Blackboard). Once the class is over, I download and burn a CD of 10 - 15 songs and label it, ENG-111-section# and the semester and year. That has been a really cool way for me to wrap up the term and remember my students.