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What strategies can educators employee to ensure the integrity of online tests? Specifically monitoring/proctoring & ways to prevent cheating.

This is a question I am asking for many of my educators as they all have a similar problem.  Whether using WebAssign or MindTap - Assessment seems to be a roadblock for instructors amidst COVID-19. 

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Re: What strategies can educators employee to ensure the...

We've used proctor u and proctorio or various lockdown browser options, but what I find works best is to set a TIME for the exam and randomize the questions so they don't have extra time to look around for answers or get help. 


Honestly, we've had to let a few things go, just to get our students back into our courses and working through the material.  Right now, we're hoping to deliver a quality course, trust our students to do the right thing, and finish this semester.