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What is the ONE tip/trick you would share with a new user of MindTap?

If an instructor is using MindTap for the first time, what is the one tip/trick you would share as that person dives into the software?

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Re: What is the ONE tip/trick you would share with a new...

I am a CNOW user, not MindTap but I feel that some of the facts/tricks work for all (or at least most) of the HW platforms. To me, the most important thing while getting started was to make sure that students have all the information they need to be able to use the tool effectively, and that they understand the basic features and how to navigate. So set it up as simply as possible with clear instructions for students (even a video) and discuss that in class during the first couple of lectures. Use only those features that are simple for you to understand and adopt as well as that for students. What I have learned from using CNOW for over 5 years now is that it's effectiveness is only relaized if students are using it efficiently. For example, CNOW offers study tools but many students are not even aware of it till you point it out specifically, and then they start using it, feel more engaged and perform well.