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What is the ONE tip/trick you would share with a new user of MindTap?

If an instructor is using MindTap for the first time, what is the one tip/trick you would share as that person dives into the software?

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Re: What is the ONE tip/trick you would share with a new...

Start slow! MindTap has great tools that work BUT if you are new to MindTap and especially if you are just starting out teaching with technology, it is much better to choose just one or two tools or apps to use in addition to the reader and then add more as you go along. For public speaking, I usually recommend the quizzes (because they self-grade, are written by educators, and update automatically when new editions come out) and Outline Builder, a specialty app that helps students prepare outstanding speech outlines. After the first semester or two, when you're more comfortable, you can add more apps. A great way to decide which app to use first is to ask, "What is the biggest challenge in this class right now for me or for my students?" Nine times out of ten, you'll find that there's an app that will help!