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What happens if we drop a student in MindTap?

I asked a question a couple of weeks ago about whether other faculty drop students in MindTap when they are no longer officially enrolled in the course.  There were some great responses, and I think I probably won't drop students, but one response made me question whether this is best for students in subsequent semesters, and other responses raised questions about what happens when we drop a student.  Here goes!

1.  Are their records preserved?  (I'm guessing yes.)

2.  Can we reinstate them?  (Again, guessing yes.)

3.  Do they completely lose access? (I'm betting they do.)

4.  One commenter wrote, "I have heard that if a student doesn't complete a course (withdraws or drops) depending on the circumstances, Cengage might provide the student with a new course code that they can use to re-enroll in the same course. I don't believe that this feature is provided to those students who have not been officially dropped from the MindTap course."  Can we get some confirmation/clarification on this?  It could have a big impact on a student if the need to retake the class (and this happens pretty regularly in Economics!).


Sorry for the multipart question, but I really want to do what is best for the students.  Thanks!



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Re: What happens if we drop a student in MindTap?

Thank you @Matthew_Anneken for the detailed response to help all instructors understand the process of student withdrawal from a digital product.


Cengage's strong level of instructional support continues to impress me. You've got us covered as instructors, and we appreciate that! Thanks for all you do!