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What classroom tricks do you use to get students to use the MindTap apps?



What tricks or tips do you have for encouraging students to use MindTap Apps.  There are excellent tools but my students don't seem to be using them or have any desire to "play" around with them.  Do any of you have any suggestions?




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Re: What classroom tricks do you use to get students to u...

I agree that getting students used to using an application like MindTap can be challenging, so some things that I do are to remind students about the testable and important course material in MindTap at the start of each class session. It only takes a minute or two and it gives me a chance to engage with students using the application. Currently, there is not a way (that I'm aware of) for the Instructor to see what shows up in the MindTap mobile app, so I can't speak to that. Instead, most of my students use their laptop to access MindTap for their course work, which is great! As soon as a means for instructors to view the mobile app becomes available, I'll happily check it out!


Another 'tip' both myself and @Scott_Rudeen use is to build into the course presentation an opportunity to use the "you decide / you justify" module in the classroom for one or two sessions. This will engage students with MindTap and since you're 'showing' them the value and simplicity of the module, they will likely feel less apprehensive in using it. You can do the same with the Q&A following the video vignettes that may be in your course.


The goal is to get the students to see that MindTap is not just another application they have to access, but rather it's an academic tool they can use to get more out of their course and dive deeper into the material. If it's real and relevant to you the instructor, most of your students will see it as important for them as well. 


My only caution/reminder is to be certain to link your MindTap back to your institutions' LMS so your students get used to seeing and using both! At some time during the semester, technology will fail, so having a backup plan is always a great idea!