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Users of InSite2

Hello, all--


Does anyone use InSite2 for essay submission in MindTap? This is the app-specific name for the third party integration in writing courses with 


This semester, the app of InSite2 has been removed from the apps dock. However, InSite2 functionality still exists--but not to the extent that it once did. For instance, I can no longer submit a paper on a student's behalf. I called tech. support, but the work-around of extending the due date and having the student submit wasn't applicable to my situation. Anyone have other tips or a different work-around? Or is this no longer possible at all?  


I miss the full functionality of InSite2 as an app on the dock and registered that concern with Tech. Support, but I'm curious if there's something I'm missing. Any power users out there who can help? 


--Audrey Wick

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