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Trick or Treat? Midterm Grades



It's almost time for midterm grades to be issued.  I'm curious what tactics are you using to get your students to review their grades and hopefully improve?





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Re: Trick or Treat? Midterm Grades

I do a midterm evaluation survey with my students.  There are three questions:

  • Please describe the specific things/activities in the course that most contribute to your learning in this class.
  • Please describe one or two specific things that could be changed to improve your learning in this class. 
  • What could you, as a student, do to improve your learning in the class?

The survey is anonymous, and I share a summary of the results with the students.  The first two questions help me to make midterm corrections.  The third question trys to get the students to think about their responsibility and what they could do to improve their grades.