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Trick or Treat? Midterm Grades



It's almost time for midterm grades to be issued.  I'm curious what tactics are you using to get your students to review their grades and hopefully improve?





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Re: Trick or Treat? Midterm Grades

I usually do not have any problems with students checking their Midterm grades (or any grades, like HWs, quizzes, etc.). The challenge lies in making them understand their mistakes and rectify those to perform better in the next exams. For this, I particularly encourage students who did not do well to review their exam with me, so that I can point how how they can improve. Sometimes, I also do a self-assessment for students around the middle of the semester, so that they can reflect upon their understanding of the course materials covered thus far, and think about how they can improve. We also encourage all students to seek extra help in the form of Supplemental Instruction (SI) where they get the opportunity to review and practice more. I teach quantitative topics like Statistics, Data Mining, which needs a lot of practice, and most students at my institution do not have time for that.