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Trick or Treat? Midterm Grades



It's almost time for midterm grades to be issued.  I'm curious what tactics are you using to get your students to review their grades and hopefully improve?





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Re: Trick or Treat? Midterm Grades

We use Starfish at our school. This allows us to send messages or raise flags at any point in the semester. At the mid-point of the semester, we evaluate every student and send them a message. This can be a generic, "canned" message or a personalized message. We can also raise additional flags that alert the student, their advisor, the retention manager and student services, if needed. The message types are: * Keep up the good work - sends an email that begins with "Your instructor has caught you doing good work" and can be customized from there * Academic concerns * General concern - we use this for anything that is not academic or attendance related - I've used this one before when I've noticed a change in participation from a student * Inconsistent attendance * Pacing Issue - if the student is having a hard time keeping pace with an accelerated class We can also use this for referrals for tutoring, retention, conduct intervention, basic skills, etc. We keeps notes within this system and it helps us from semester to semester to address problems with students so we are not repeating the process and can provide continuity/consistency of education.