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Trick or Treat? Midterm Grades



It's almost time for midterm grades to be issued.  I'm curious what tactics are you using to get your students to review their grades and hopefully improve?





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Re: Trick or Treat? Midterm Grades

I do a "transition week" where students reflect on the 1st half of class and then re-evaluate for the weeks to come. I even give them a 3 day window to submit ONE assignment again for a better grade (even if they have a 0).


We are also doing an office hour initiative at our College. This is to encourage students to reach out to instructors if they fall into 1 of the following categories:


In an effort to best support you and your academic success, required office hours are a component of this course if any of the following applies to you as a student:


  • If you miss or do not submit an assessment or high-stakes assignment (worth more than 10% of your grade),
  • If you maintain a running/average grade of “C” or lower after the 2nd week of class,
  • If you experience extenuating circumstances, beyond your control, and need to meet with your instructor to get back on track or create a plan to fulfill all requirements of the course.

While the instructor will contact you if any of the above conditions apply, you are encouraged to reach out to your instructor for assistance.  


It has been a great success. We are piloting in ENG/MAT only right now.