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The sound files in the eBook of Horizons, 7th ed. don't correspond to the written texts or categories in many instances. How can this be fixed?

I have been going through the eBook to get ready for the course with HORIZONS, 7th edition.  As the program coordinator I have been fielding questions from my adjuncts all day.  Everyone has the system check.  NO problem.  I realized that in my earlier question, no one came even CLOSE to "solving" the problem, but people checked off the solution. Solution for whom?  I asked the question and the answer was not helpful and did not solve the problem.  I did figure out that the book on the right column is like a textbook with no links and to use the audio and video links the ebook option under the content menu dashboard  must be used.  Okay.  BUT the problem is thus:  I enrolled as a student in my own class. Clicked on the vocabulary pronunciation for  chapter one, but the list of words given and the sound files do not correspond.  The first category that is READ is actually the second category that is printed.  The second category that is read is the first printed category.  In the Chapitre preliminaire there is an audio icon for an activity, but when the audio file is activated it is the audio for an entirely different activity that I couldn't find.  How do you expect a true beginner to cope with this?  There are NO files other than these imbedded files and they do not match the text.  This is a total NIGHTMARE.  We start classes on Monday with a very expensive textbook and lab that will be nothing but confusing.  My adjuncts are hysterical already and I, again , deeply regret this decision.  Time to look into switching back to Pearson.  At least MyFrenchLab had audio files that were in the right place.  This is nuts.  Will this be fixed before Monday?  Someone in your tech office needs to go through this entire eBook and make sure that the files correspond to the text they are supposed to be reading.

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We're having trouble accessing the media files for Horizons 7th ed. ebook and I'm disappointed to learn here that once we are able to do so, they may or may not correspond to the text. While less upset about this than this author, I have to say I sympathize with the panic and urgency s/he expresses. We started using Horizons this past Monday, so we're stuck with it. It is shocking that we were sold a bill of goods here that was clearly not ready for publication.
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Re: The sound files in the eBook of Horizons, 7th ed. don...

This is why @michael_britt is the best! I am also very interested to see how this is resolved. I'm confident that the right people will be all over it.