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Thanksgiving Thinglink - Looking for New Free Technology Ideas

 522015.jpgPilgrims Going To Church (1867) — originally The Early Puritans of New England Going to Church — is a celebrated and much reproduced painting by Anglo-American painter George Henry Boughton (1833–1905).

Thanksgiving Thinglink




I love using new types of technology to engage students such as the Thanksgiving Thinglink above, Powtoons or Memes.  But now I need new freebies.  Can anyone help me out?




SherriThanksgiving Thinglink

Great Answers (3)

Great Answers (3)


Re: Thanksgiving Thinglink - Looking for New Free Technol...

There are several technology tools that can be used in the classroom to boost student enagagement:


1. Padlet: great tool for collaborative activities, inside and outside class, thus increasing student engagement. It's free and very easy to use. 

2. Trello: Collaborative tool mainly but can be used to engage students by creating suitable activities. Also free.

3. Top Hat: Not free, but a goo deal can be negotiated for large classes. A colleague of mine uses it for a large class of 120 students and have seen very significant improvement in student engagement, their attendance and also performance.


Hope these help.



Re: Thanksgiving Thinglink - Looking for New Free Technol...

I like Kahoot!


It's a quizzing app that contains pre-developed quizzes (right now, there are tons of Thanksgiving themed quizzes) and you can also create your own. Students download the app, enter your pin, and start answering. Great fun!


Re: Thanksgiving Thinglink - Looking for New Free Technol...


One tool I like is EdPuzzle.


It allows you to make video clips interactive by embedding questions and comments into the clips. It greatly increased my student engagement and comprehension with videos.

Here is an example of a clip I use for enforcing personal responsibility with my college success students:



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