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Student assignment grades not automatically transferring from MindTap into Blackboard grades.

My Cengage learning rep copied my previous MindTap course to my current MindTap course.  Now when students complete assignments those grades are not populating/transferring into Blackboard grade center.  It's a weekend and I'd really like to get this resolved so that I don't have to manually re-enter all those grade from a large class. 

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Re: Student assignment grades not automatically transferr...

Let's see if I can take a stab at this without confusing you.....  To copy a MT course over to a new semester, we actually make a copy of our Canvas (or Blackboard in your case) course and then establish new deep links to create a new MT section for the new semester. If students are successfully getting to the content in your new Blackboard course, then the links should be set and grades should be syncing. This BB LMS Integration document will help with that.


My most recent issue with grade sync was because we had a course designer in our LMS who had no "grading" rights so everytime they crossed over to MindTap, they stole the grading token from me and nothing syncd until I crossed over into MT again!  Crazy,...but Cengage support came to my rescue and helped me resolve all grade sync issues...:)!


IF you see grades in MindTap, then no worries, they will come over eventually, but it would be nice to know why they are not happening more quickly.  For starters, have you gone into your MT gradebook and tried to do a manual sync to force the grades? I found three videos that might help (see links below).


Good luck getting this resolved and happy Labor Day weekend!


This video will walk through the process of initiating a manual grade synchronization of your MindTap gradebook to your LMS.
This video will show you how to copy your MindTap course to Blackboard and set up gradebook synchronization.
Here are the typed out steps if you would prefer to follow the directions that way: 0:06 - FIRSTLY, you should check your Blackboard gradebook (sometimes cal...