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SAM Reports remediating with MindTap

Do your students read their online book?  Mine have to work through the textbook projects, but I think they do it blindly, without really reading..Smiley Sad.  Some will look at study guide reports in SAM to remediate and train, but I have an idea that will get their noses back in the book and allow them to create their own custom study guide!  


Show them how to highlight or bookmark or add notes to their online textbook for any tasks they miss (direct from the remediation link in their SAM Study Guide Report).  This will allow them to be in charge and create their own customized study guide in MindTap!

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Re: SAM Reports remediating with MindTap

I have shown mine how to highlight and add notes, but they still will not read. One thing I have done this summer in my Excel class is to work through the textbook project in class during the lecture. I've had the students keep their books closed. During their lab time, I've then had the students go through the textbook and find where I've deviated from the text and correct the project before turning it in. They've had to give me the page numbers where they've found my "mistakes". Sometimes it is just a number that I mis-key and sometimes I use a different function, but they have to go through the chapter to find it. Sometimes, I do not change anything and they have to look read the entire chapter before they realize I did everything exactly as the book dictated.