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SAM Projects and Chromebooks

What alternative to SAM Projects have you found for students using Chromebooks?

Sam - LMS Integrated SAM 365 & 2016 Assessments, Trainings, and Projects
Thank you, Sandy!!
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Re: SAM Projects and Chromebooks

Gosh, that's tough, but no alternate project options really since they cannot install the full version of Office 365 and I'm not coming up with "other" assignments to hand grade since I want all my students to experience and learn the same concepts/features, etc. 


I do have some students who have "gotten by" with the online version of Word, PowerPoint and Excel, but obviously Access does not exist online so they can't do any projects with that.  


My syllabus is clear, they must install Office 365 for Windows to be successful in our classes.  If they don't have a computer capable of doing this, then we have 4 campuses across Seminole County with labs they can use.  Many find a friend or relative's computer to use and make it work!

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