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Reinstating Dropped Student

How can I reinstate a dropped student in MindTap roster?  

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Re: Reinstating Dropped Student

I found this on a post from last year, so it might help you!


‎03-29-2018, Re: What happens if we drop a student in MindTap?

Yes, within the MindTap Progress App, you can use the Display Settings option in the Gradebook tab to show dropped students and view the scores of any submitted assignments. You will not be able to view their assignment details, only the scores. Yes, when dropped, students lose access.

As an instructor, you cannot directly reinstate them. There is no magic “re-instate” button that pulls them back. The student, however, can reinstate themselves by launching into the course using the same Cengage account and Course Key they used to originally enter the course. If through an LMS system, they can launch back in through there assuming their LMS user account is the same. Once back in, they pick up where they left off and you can now view all assignment details. An additional note for LMS users who are dropped from the MindTap course, if there are any MindTap assignment grades that were synced to the LMS, those grades should stay preserved in the LMS gradebook, assuming the student has not been dropped from the LMS course. I recommend consulting with your LMS admin to confirm the specifics of your LMS.

There are really two scenarios; a student being dropped from a course and a student who completed, but failed a course and is retaking it. When an instructor drops a student from the course, on the backend, the student’s registered access code is reset from that MindTap course. Their access code will stay registered on their Cengage account and is available to be re-applied to the same or different course (assuming they use the same Cengage account and access a course with the same title, author) within the access length (from original registration date) for the MindTap they purchased (6 mo. / 12mo.). If their access code is not applied to a course within that time frame, the code will be expired (“burned”) on the student’s account and they will not be able to use it. This expired code scenario would follow the same conventions of a student retaking the same course.


As Cengage allows students to re-take a course utilizing our digital products, they can contact Cengage Support to have a new code provided. Students will need to have already registered for their new course - or they will need to have their course key ready - when creating a case or calling support. This is so Cengage can verify that their new course matches their old course. Our re-take policy can be found at


Another consideration with all of this is the access code type. Some access codes allow access to only one MindTap course. These are typically the 1 term (6 mo.) option. Other term types like 1 yr (12mo.) and 2 yr (24mo.) have a set number of course “tokens” associated to them which allows students to enter multiple MindTap courses of the same title until their tokens (varies by title) are exhausted. In this case if a student purchased a 1-year access which has 3 course tokens, even if their first token is “burned” during a failed Fall semester course, they will still have 2 tokens available which can be used if the student re-takes the course with the access length.


I would recommend dropping the student as that would allow them the path of least resistance should they need to reuse their code. Ultimately, Cengage has a do no harm policy so no matter the situation, if they already paid for our digital product, we will ensure they are able to use it.