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Reading the Frequency Analysis Report for Projects

I am trying to determine the data that is supplied in in the frequency analysis report for projects. 


I am adding a snip of the report. 


The total students are 546 for this particular project, and yet the Full Credit number for the individual tasks are higher than the total number of students. 


I'm sure there is a simple explanation, I just can't find it. 


Any help is greatly appreciated.


Have a great day and for those of you, like me, it is the start of the semester, so cheers to you!!!




Screen Shot 2019-08-13 at 9.01.49 AM.png

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Re: Reading the Frequency Analysis Report for Projects



I run reports like these for different things and I've found that the count comes from the number of times they access that section.  So if they use their multiple chances, access the text multiple times or in some cases go in to check grades it's counted.  There are ways to dig deeper if you need to.  


Hope this helps.