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Professional development, technology, and pedagogy conferences

What professional development, technology, or pedagogy conferences have you attended that you find valuable? Which would you most highly recommend, and why?


(Providing a link for a conference page or professional organization would be appreciated as well!)

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Re: Professional development, technology, and pedagogy co...

The QM Connect conference ( is a great conference to learn and share ideas about quality in online teaching. I am attending it this year and also presenting, but have heard great things from several colleagues who have attended in the past. This year it's in Fort Worth, TX, in September and is held annually. 


The OLC Innovate ( is another conference to learn about innovations in online education, particularly using technology tools.


Hope these help. I mainly attend conferences that cover topics on online teaching and learning, so am sharing these with you. Looking forward to learn about some other new conferences on online teaching and pedagogy.