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Personalizing a fully online course

Hi Faculty Partners!  What are some of the ways you engage with students to make your fully online courses feel more personal and engaging?

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Re: Personalizing a fully online course

Great suggestions Audrey. I do some of the things that you mentioned like weekly email messages of tasks and activities, followed up by reminders towards the end of the course. One thing that really has worked for me is to create a sense of community for the online students - for example, I have every one of them introduce themselves (include a photo of him or her or something else - I have seen photos of pets, kids, travel, etc.). This makes it easier and more comfortable for students to communicate with each other even though the class in online and they don't meet in person. I also sometimes assign group projects on a case study (I teach Business Statistics), which initially I wasn't sure would work for an online class, but I was pleasantly surprised. Students have really liked this activity, the opportunity to work collaboratively and learn from each other, and mentioned that it improved their overall learning experience in the course.

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