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Personalizing a fully online course

Hi Faculty Partners!  What are some of the ways you engage with students to make your fully online courses feel more personal and engaging?

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Re: Personalizing a fully online course



To share with you and others, I have a few tips for personalizing an online class.


I keep my personality in the online environment through making my presence known by video, audio, and text. 

  1. I sign my name to messages and emails so students remember me as their instructor. 
  2. I upload my photo
  3. I share announcement videos where I use my webcam to record a quick message. 
  4. I let them see me in action with short content recordings (i.e. mini lectures).
  5. I send weekly "to do" email lists to keep my students on-track. 
  6. I address students by name in individualized, typed responses to them where I share feedback on their essays/projects. 
  7. I post with a little bit of quirk: a virtual "high five" to a student for a job well done or a virtual "snack" to help them through a tough week.

When our personalities shine through an online class, students can feel connected to us as instructors. 


--Audrey Wick


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